Historical information

The couple from this photo has gone through great hardship in the period they spent as refugees. They fled Southern Vietnam (Ca Mau) after the Vietnam War in late 1979 when the chinese have invaded and settled in Vietnam. They came on the #91 boat called Minh Hai 375 and arrived at the island on 10/22/1978. Prior to that they were ambushed by pirates who tried to rob, rape and completely take advantage of the vulnerable state the refugee people in. They recall having to purposely sink the boat so that they can be allowed into the country.


This photo is great evidence to the family value Vietnamese refugees hold in the period of the period of fleeing the poor conditions that exists back in their country. People put their life online just to HOPE for a better life.

Physical description

Family portrait of a couple and first born child (son) in front of what look like their home at the time. This was taken at 1979 on the island called Pulau Bidong. It's a photo which has been laminated onto a light blue backing paper. The photo's corner has also been rounded with hand written label stating; 'Pulau - Bidong 1979'