Historical information

First recorded Waterboard Rate book for Wycheproof which was then under the St.Arnaud Shire. Early in 1893 the burning question in the north-central area was the possibility of severance from the St.Arnaud Shire
On April 27,1894 the Shire of Wycheproof was constituted.


Earliest Rate records for early Wycheproof residents 1893 - 1908 and property owners. Nine councillors elected to represent the new Shire of Wycheproof.

Physical description

Rate book -St.Arnaud Waterboard records Wycheproof Rate payers for Urban area 1893 - 1908. It comprises Surnames, Christian Names, Trade, Postal Address, Owner, Description and Situation of Rateable Property, Rates per Annum in the Pound and other details.