Historical information

By 1881 Bunguluke was a small settlement as recorded, December 5, in the Charlton "Mercury". It reports that in that year Draper's Store, Hotel and Post Office and residence at Bunguluke North was totally destroyed by fire. For years now there has been little sign of community life with houses few and far between and acreages have gone into larger holdings. The map references land blocks and owners for that era.


This important map shows the local land ownership and local features that existed in 1923.

Physical description

This is a photocopied black and white map of Bunguluke in the County of Kara Kara, Number L5149. Marked - Photo Lithographed by W.J. Butson 27.2.1923. The details include numbers of allotments, property owners, roads, rivers. The boundaries marked are the Parish of Jeruk, Parish of Wycheproof, Parish of Cooroopajerrup. Wycheproof township location is shown with the Scale of Chains. Bunguluke maps for other years are also in the collection.