Historical information

It is believed that is item was constructed by a veteran in the 1920s.


An identical cenotaph to that in Whitehall, London was constructed outside Parliament house in Spring st Melbourne,Australia.This model could be an engineering model for our Spring st version. please contact Caulfield RSL if you have more information.

Physical description

A highly accurate well detailed brass scale model,22 cm high of the original first world war memorial the "Cenotaph" at Whitehall London the UKs national war memorial. An identical cenotaph was constructed outside Parliament house in Spring st Melbourne, Australia.The design is made up of a rectangular base a broad pillar and the cenotaph or coffin on top of the pillar. 3 wreaths also feature, 2 on the narrower sides of the pillar with the years 1914 and 1918 and one wreath on top of the coffin. It has 2 coats of paint on it the second(exposed) being a poor uneven coat of, off white gloss enamel, possibly just house paint.

Inscriptions & markings

No makers marks or date can be found on the exterior of the model. Visible are the words " THE GLORIOUS DEAD" on each of the narrow sides of the model above each wreath is a year in Roman numerals.One side side for the beggining of world war one "MCMXIV" 1914 and "MCMXIX" 1919 for the official end