Historical information

Sunshine High School existed in its own right from 1955 to 1991. During the early years the wearing of 'correct' uniforms was strictly enforced. Girls had to wear hats and boys had to wear caps as part of the uniform when outside the school grounds, or else they risked detention if caught without head wear by a Prefect. The boys therefore always had a rolled up cap in the back pocket to quickly slip on whenever there was danger of being nabbed by a Prefect.

The girls had a winter uniform, which included thick beige stockings and a maroon blazer, and a summer frock in which they could be relatively cool during hot days. The boys had to wear their double breasted grey suits all year, with a jumper under the jacket in cold weather. The boys were supposedly being groomed as gentlemen, and so even during hot conditions were not allowed to remove their suit jackets in the class room. On about two very hot afternoons a year, the headmaster removed his jacket and so allowed the boys to do likewise.

With single breasted suits becoming fashionable, it became difficult to find double breasted grey suits in the wide range of sizes required by students. In about late 1960 or early 1961 the uniform rules for boys were changed to enable them to wear single breasted grey suits. They still however were not allowed to remove their jackets in class on hot days.

Over the years the rules for the wearing of uniforms were relaxed and in the late 1970's students were wearing either uniforms, or parts of uniforms, or their normal clothing. The wearing of uniforms at Sunshine High School eventually died out well before the School vacated the buildings on Ballarat Road, and amalgamated with other local secondary schools to form the Sunshine College.


The three items of clothing, although not a complete uniform set, serve as a reminder of the summer and winter uniforms, as well as the colours, that were worn by the girls at Sunshine High School during the early years. The jumper is identical in appearance to that worn by the boys and so it is not difficult to imagine how a male Sunshine High School student would look like with a grey suit and that type of jumper.

Physical description

THREE ITEMS of girls uniform from the no longer existing SUNSHINE HIGH SCHOOL are individually displayed here. The items being: (1) Beige with maroon print cotton summer frock. (2) Maroon polyester/wool winter tunic. (3) Maroon V-necked wool/nylon jumper with light blue and gold coloured stripes around the cuffs and the neck.

Inscriptions & markings

Ecole brand winter tunic. Buxwear brand summer frock of Style S289. M.G.Magree brand jumper.