Physical description

This 5 grave stones of the VBP mass grave in Cherang Ruku were built by the UN-HCR. As told by the local old man, Mr Lim at 80 years old, in 2010, who was in charge of burying these victims from the first day, he confirmed that there were 139 bodies buried by himself. It can accepted that because the name list of the boat was lost during sinking, the name list angraved on the stones was collected by UN HCR member by interviewing the victims who could identified victims. Furthermore the dead bodies, as told by Mr Lim, were washed ashore not in one day. The local residents could not contact to report to the UN HCR many after the accident, what they could do was that they had to quicly bury the decomposed bodies. As told by vitims of the MT065, about 2 - 3 days after the accident, they were called to the beach to identify the bodies. No way they could identify the body because it was swollen and decomposed. Face and parts of the body was eaten by fish.

Inscriptions & markings

5 grave stones of the VBP mass grave in Cherang Ruku