Historical information

A meeting was held on 18th August 1947 at the East Sunshine Community Hall with the aim of forming a motor cycle club. The name BRAYBROOK MOTOR CYCLE CLUB was decided upon "as it would cater for riders and non-riding members in all surrounding districts". The first President was Don Minahan with Bert Watson as Secretary. They had been members of the Auto Cycle Union whose members became dissatisfied with the prize money awarded, so the Victorian Motorcycle Association (VMCA) was formed.

The President of the VMCA (Mr. A. Clarke) attended the meeting on 3rd September 1947 which was held in the Hall behind the Sunshine Theatre. This became the regular meeting place. The new Braybrook Club affiliated with the VMCA joining clubs from Altona, Coburg, Essendon, Newport and Preston.

Membership mostly came from recreational motor bike riders looking for more structured competitive riding experience and enjoyment. The club conducted its events on Sunday afternoons and as sport at that time was not permitted on Sundays, they overcame that obstacle by seeking a silver coin donation (pointing out that "two bob" was expected).

The events were mainly dirt scrambles over open land which today is known as "off road". The favourite sites were Sunshine's ample open spaces such as Glengala Road and McIntyre Road, as well as Arundell Road (Keilor) and Laverton. For track racing experience the club formed a very basic dirt track on the open land in Glengala Road west of the original Sunshine Golf Club, which was very popular on Sunday afternoons for both riders and spectators. In the early 1950's Motorbike and Sidecar races were also witnessed on some Sundays, on a track near the corner of McIntyre and Furlong Roads, North Sunshine.

During 1950 the Braybrook members voted in favour of allowing the Sunshine Club to amalgamate with them and form the BRAYBROOK AND DISTRICT MOTORCYCLE CLUB. The merger took place at the meeting on 10th July 1950 when office bearers were elected.

The club disbanded in the mid 1960's due to the massive residential development occurring in the Sunshine district, and so activities were merged with the Newport Club.

The above information is mainly compiled from Sunshine Advocate articles published on 29/8/47, 12/9/47, and 30/6/50, and from written details supplied by Mr. J. N. Willaton. Further details or corrections from interested readers are welcome.


The Braybrook and District Motorcycle Club has not existed in its own right for several decades. The sticker depicting the club crest serves as a historical reminder that the club was once part of the local recreational scene.

Physical description

Dark blue, silver, and clear plastic sticker on right hand top corner of glass plate that previously was a side window of a car. Sticker has been left on the glass in case removal may damage it. BRAYBROOK AND DISTRICT MOTORCYCLE CLUB.

Inscriptions & markings

Braybrook and District Motorcycle Club