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Replica of McKay Smithy

From the Collection of Sunshine and District Historical Society Incorporated HUNT CLUB, 775 Ballarat Road, Deer Park 3023. SUNSHINE LIBRARY, Hampshire Road, Sunshine 3020. Victoria

Brown wooden building with bark roof. This building is a FULL SIZED REPLICA of the original SMITHY that was used by H. V. McKay.
Object Registration
smithy, h. v. mckay, sunshine harvester works, drummartin, replica, massey harris, massey ferguson
Historical information
This Smithy is a replica of the building in which the first H. V. McKay harvester was built at Drummartin in northern Victoria in 1884. The original Smithy was moved from Drummartin to Sunshine Victoria where it remained for many years outside the H. V. McKay manufacturing plant. With the construction of the standard gauge railway line the road outside the Smithy was demolished, and the original Smithy was taken to the Melbourne Museum.The original Smithy is now in a fragile state and is no longer on public display at the Melbourne Museum. The site where the original Smithy stood in Sunshine was no longer available so the replica Smithy was erected a few hundred metres away, in the South East corner of Barclay Reserve on King Edward Ave, Albion 3020.
When Made
Opened on 10 October 2001
The replica Smithy permits the public to view a full sized model of the building which eventually led to the formation of the H. V. McKay Sunshine Harvester Works. This firm grew to being considered the main manufacturing plant in the southern hemisphere, and also led to the local area being renamed in 1907 from Braybrook Junction to Sunshine.
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