Historical information

Bought by Phil Rogers, Australian Army no. 2790936 during his time of service in South Vietnam (1969-1970) to celebrate the birth of his son.


Donated to the museum by the serviceman himself. This commemorative jacket demonstrates the poignant personal sacrifices made by those in service as significant family events continue at home in their absence.

Physical description

Child's bomber-style jacket made of khaki camouflage print polyester, hand embroidered. Purchased in South Vietnam in 1969 by Phil Rogers, Army No:2790936, B Company 6 RAR, and posted home on the birth of his son Brett 31/08/1969. (Zipper broken)

Inscriptions & markings

Back: My daddy is in Vietnam. Vung Tau, 69-70, Viet Nam plus a labelled map of Vietnam.
Sleeves: Golden dragons
Front: Tiger's head, Crossed South Vietnam flag and USA flag.