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Honour Board - SPALDING 25 Years Service Roll

From the Collection of Sunshine and District Historical Society Incorporated HUNT CLUB, 775 Ballarat Road, Deer Park 3023. SUNSHINE LIBRARY, Hampshire Road, Sunshine 3020. Victoria

Brown stained wooden board with wave shaped top which is about 14 cm less wide than the base. The names of employees who have provided 25 years of loyal service are recorded on the board in gold coloured lettering.
85 cm (H) X 68 cm (W) X 2.5 cm (D)
Object Registration
honour board, spalding, t. w. sherrin pty ltd, 25 years service roll
Historical information
The Spalding factory was located at the intersection of Ballarat Rd and McIntyre Rd in Sunshine (North East corner). The factory made sporting goods, and in 1972 Spalding acquired T. W. Sherrin Pty Ltd which was a major manufacturer of footballs used in Australian Rules football games. In the early 1990's the factory in Sunshine was demolished and replaced by the first Bunnings Hardware store to be erected in Victoria. In July 2003 Spalding was bought out by the Russell Corporation.
The board is a historical record of the loyal employees who provided at least 25 years of service to Spalding or to T. W. Sherrin Pty Ltd.
Inscriptions & Markings
The board contains the names of 50 workers who had reached the 25 year service milestone at SPALDING, and also the names of 4 employees who did the same at T. W. SHERRIN Pty Ltd. The first people reached this milestone in 1950 and the last person is recorded as reaching this in 1981.
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3 Mar 2017 at 10:10AM