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Photograph - Three Old Sunshine Factories

From the Collection of Sunshine and District Historical Society Incorporated HUNT CLUB, 775 Ballarat Road, Deer Park 3023. SUNSHINE LIBRARY, Hampshire Road, Sunshine 3020. Victoria

The image depicted in this photographic copy is believed to be from circa late 1920's to early 1930's, and shows the NETTLEFOLDS, SPALDING, and the PHOENIX FIREWORKS factories. These factories were located in North Sunshine on the north side of Ballarat Road near Albion Station. Nettlefolds and Spalding are on the corner of Ballarat Road and McIntyre Road, with Nettlefolds being on the west side of McIntyre Road and Spalding on the east. Phoenix Fireworks factory is composed of small huts, and is situated on the north side of Phoenix Street at the rear of the Spalding factory. The photograph also shows a row of residential houses on Garnet Street which is on the east side of the Phoenix factory. Ballarat Road is still an undivided road and on the south side is a plantation of trees that once stretched from near Albion Station to Anderson Road. Other roads visible are Suffolk Road and Westmoreland Road.
21.1 cm (H) X 29.7 cm (W)
Object Registration
nettlefolds, spalding, phoenix fireworks, screw works, ballarat road, mcintyre road, phoenix street, garnet street, westmoreland road, suffolk road.
Historical information
These three factories clustered together and close to Albion Station provided manufacturing type of employment for several decades. All the factories have now disappeared and have been replaced by retail or service businesses. Spalding has been replaced by a Bunnings Hardware store, while the main retail outlet on the Nettlefolds site is Harvey Norman. Ironically part of the Phoenix Fireworks site is now occupied by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, as well as other small businesses including a smash repair business, and a tyre retailer.
When Made
Photographed circa late 1920's to early 1930's
Made By
Pratt, Charles Daniel, (1892 - 1968) (Maker)
The photograph provides a historical record of some of the types of manufacturing industries that existed in Sunshine, before retail or service industries began to replace them. Many of the younger generation do not know that fireworks, screws, or some sports items were manufactured in Sunshine not so long ago, and where the factories existed.
Inscriptions & Markings
Nettlefolds Screw Works
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