Historical information

Top centre panel: In Ukrainian as follows.
(Top line) Presidents of School Committees.
(Next line) School Ivan Franko Sunshine.
Left side panel contents. Names of presidents and their terms of office:
1953 Mikola Lipkevyh,
1954 Leon Tomyn,
1955-56 Basil Levinsky,
1957 Basil Chudiak,
1958 Peter Powachuk,
1959 Victor Tkacz,
1960-63 Joseph Potocznyj,
1964-67 Theodore Wowk,
1968 Ivan Hawryliuk,
1969 Ilko Masendycz,
1970 Julie Soltys,
1971-73 Bohdan Lech,
1974 Basil Levinsky,
1975 Peter Powarchuk,
1976 Valia Fedor,
1977-78 Mikola Fedor,
1979-82 Hryhrik Anolak,
1983-85 Volodymur Luciw,
1985 Roman Hawryliuk,
Roman Cymbalak,
Slavko Bokjczuk.

Caption under photo.
(Standing from left to right) Basil Levinsky, Peter Powarchuk, Ivan Hawryliuk, Basil Chugiak, Mikola Lipkevyh.
(Sitting from left to right)Theodore Wowk, Ilko Masendycz, Bohdan Lech, Julie Soltys, Joseph Potocznyj, Leon Tomyn.

Physical description

Rectangular poster with tan coloured paper panels with Ukrainian writing, glued onto a white background. There is also tan and black diamond pattern cut outs, on both top corners. A black and white photo is glued on the right side of the poster.