Historical information

The Sunvale Primary School was situated on Neil Street, near Hertford Road, Sunshine, on the former Moons paddock. The school was officially opened on the 9th of October 1957 with an enrolment of 214 students. Most of the students were transferred from the overcrowded Sunshine, and Sunshine East Primary Schools. The acting head teacher and five temporary teachers came from the East Sunshine Primary School from which about 170 students also came.

During the later years the school operated as part of a three campus primary school complex formed between Sunvale Primary School, Sunshine East Primary School, and Braybrook Primary School.

After the modern Sunshine Harvester Primary School was built on the East Sunshine Primary School site, the students from the Braybrook and Sunvale schools were transferred there. Sunvale Primary School was closed on 9th September 2009.


The magazine is a historical record of the initial 40 years of the school and of activities associated with the school. It contains the names of the Principals, from Mr. Bartels in 1957 to Mr. A. Dash in 1997, and also the names of Chairs of the School Council, from Mr. F. Sanford to Mr. T. Cuddy.

It also features articles on the history of the school, the mothers club, the parents & friends members, special events & features, class & staff photographs, sport, and has a memories section.

The special events & features section includes the school ball, camps, the Governor's visit in 1995, and Sunvale's famous Olympian staff member Pam Kilborn.

Physical description

Bright yellow covered 40 page book with green and white printing on the cover. A large emblem of the no longer existing SUNVALE PRIMARY SCHOOL is featured on the front cover, and a smaller version is on the back. The magazine is described as "A Scrap Book of Memories", and covers the years 1957 to 1997.

Inscriptions & markings

SUNVALE Primary School
A Scrap Book of Memories
1957 - 1997