Historical information

This brass registration plate was once attached to the former Sunshine District Community Hospital in King Edward Avenue, Albion, 3020. The hospital, under several names, served the local community since the 1920's. It became the Sunshine District Community Hospital in 1946 and was closed in 1989. The building was demolished and replaced by residential units. The plate was preserved by Carol Duvall a long serving nurse, who about 20 years later donated it to the Sunshine and District Historical Society.


This brass plate is a rare physical relic of what was once the main hospital serving the Sunshine area, and in which many local babies were born.

Physical description

Tarnished brass plate with indented or carved lettering finished in black paint. The black paint is showing signs of deterioration. The plate has six holes for attaching it to a wall, and two of the corners have been bent probably during the removal of the plate. There is also a small amount of paint contamination on the edges.

Inscriptions & markings