Historical information

This cartridge bag was taken from Ned Kelly by Sergeant Steele, when he was finally apprehended in the famous shootout with police at Glenrowan, some two years after the Stringybark Creek murders.

Sergeant Steele stated that the dark stain on the bag is Ned Kelly's blood: "That is Ned Kelly's cartridge bag. That is the one he was wearing at Glenrowan. I took it off him, with the other things, when he fell. And that stain is his blood. He was wounded in several places, and bled a good deal. Yes it is a grim relic - not at all pretty". (Sergeant Steel)

Cartridge bags such as these were worn slung over the shoulder (the strap for this one is missing). They were used to carry ammunition.

Physical description

Bag, saddle, leather with flap and two metal buckles with straps broken. Metal loop and larger metal buckle attached at top.