Historical information

The lake was built in 1904, during the curatorship of Mr Thake.
Lee Heap Furniture Warehouse of Williamstown used the postcards to advertise.


The postcards are evidence of the interest the gardens held as a subject for postcard publishers. The text and images provide a snapshot into fashions, social interests and concerns of the time. The professionally produced images provide a pictorial history of Gardens including changing planting styles, various structures and features of the Gardens eg the aviary, cannons, the fountain, the second Curator’s Lodge and gates. The images offer an opportunity to compare garden vistas with the present day.

Physical description

Sepia image of the ornamental lake and part of the Curator’s Lodge in the background on the left side of card. The small island with a succulent is in the centre of the image with a similar plant on the right side of it. The water is edged with rocks. Reflections of the plantings and lodge can be seen.

Inscriptions & markings

Front: ‘The Artificial Lake, Williamstown Gardens. Vic.’ ‘0457/3’ ‘THE CROWN STUDIOS, SYDNEY’. Reverse: Centre top ‘POST CARD’ with a logo in the middle of the words. Left top corner a drawing of an artist’s board and brushes with a camera in the centre. Left side ‘MESSAGE ONLY.’ Right side ‘ADDRESS ONLY.’ Top right corner inside a dotted rectangle ‘STAMP HERE’. Bottom on card ‘BY THE CROWN STUDIOS, SYNDEY.’ Under the vertical line down the middle line ‘Neither the Address not the Message must cross this line’. In ink ‘With Compliments from’. An oval stamp with scalloped rim ‘LEE HEAP FURNITURE MANUFACTURER’ inside inner oval ‘FURNITURE WAREHOUSE, / WILLIAMSTOWN’.