Historical information

From the Swainston Collection, a set of documents and medals from a National Serviceman. The Australian Defence Medal recognises Australian Defence Force personnel who have completed either an enlistment period or four years service after 3 September 1945.


This is an example of the Australian Defence Medal for which all Vietnam veterans were eligible.

Physical description

Cupro-nickel Australian Defence Medal plus miniature of same, attached to red and white striped ribbons with black edges to represent the colours of the Flanders poppy, symbol of the Anzac spirit. Three red stripes signify Army, Air Force, Navy. Striped ribbon bar with pins forms part of set. Covering letter addressed to N E Swainston, dated '27 April 2011'. The information card about symbolism of medal and original hard black case complete the set. Front shows Commonwealth Coat of Arms surrounded by the words 'THE AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE MEDAL'. Reverse bears "FOR SERVICE' plus Crown of St Edward within a wattle wreath.

Inscriptions & markings

'3801127 N E SWAINSTON' engraved around bottom edge of large medal.