Historical information

Interpreting from the details that can be read it is believed that on 6/3/1912 Mr. M. Norton paid by cheque the sum of 5 Pounds 19 Shillings and 5 Pence, of which 5 Pounds 3 Shillings and 11 Pence was for a Summons possibly issued on 23/2/1912, while 15 Shillings and 6 Pence was the charge for the costs of the Summons.

This is not a document issued by a Court of Law so use of the word 'Summons' is confusing to us at this stage. Was it just standard practice to send out a bill and call it a Summons, or was Mr. Norton late in paying and so had to pay an extra charge after being 'summoned' a second time. Could this receipt be part of a 'promissory note' exchange, payment for which had to be summoned?

Another thing that can't be explained at this stage is the use of the symbol % after the amount of money written in figures, just after the Pence amount. The symbol for Pence in those days, and until decimal currency, was d as can be seen from the Duty Stamp. In 1912 and before did % also stand for Pence when the money amount was written by hand, or could it have been a shorthand way of indicating something like 'portion of amount'?

This receipt is very intriguing and so we will endeavour to try to fully understand the information it contains. If any person can provide information that may assist us, then please contact the Sunshine & District Historical Society.


The receipt is significant to our Society because it was issued by Sunshine Harvester / Hugh V. McKay more than 100 years ago. It also appears to contain information that at this stage is not fully understood, such as the use of the % sign, and why the word summons is used.

Of further interest, but perhaps not surprising for the times, is that only Mr. is printed on the receipt. It appears that they never expected to issue these type of receipts to females.

Physical description

Very light tan coloured paper receipt No.1773 issued on 6/3/1912 by Sunshine Harvester / Hugh V. McKay to Mr M. Norton. The receipt has fire damage on the left side and so some details are missing. Details are hand written in ink in the spaces provided. A greenish coloured one penny (1d) Victoria Stamp Duty stamp is affixed.

Inscriptions & markings

6 3 1912 ......ved by Cheque from Mr. M Norton ......ne the sum of Five ...... nineteen Shillings and five Pence, with ......being £5.3.11% of Enclosed Summons 23. 2.12 & 15/6 % Costs of Same.