Historical information

The Geelong Cycling Club was formed in Geelong in 1908 and subsequently replaced in 1911 by the Geelong West Cycling Club as reflected in the minutes. Many of the office bearers of this club fought in World War 1.


This is the first minute book of the Geelong Cycling Club and as such identifies it as one of the cycling clubs in the area in that period.

Physical description

Minute book used by the Geelong Cycling Club from 1908-1914. The outside covers are hard backed. Inner pages contain monthly meetings recorded in hand writing commencing November 26, 1908.

Inscriptions & markings

"GCC Office Bearers/Hon.Secretary C.A.Betts/Assistant Scery H.Heath/Treasurer C. Bond/Captain G.Mayo/Vice Captain J.H.McCracken/Committee Messrs Hewitt A Ince/G Mayo/G.Gustafson/H.McCracken/President Angus McDonald/Vice Presidents/Eli Phillips/W. Howitt Geo. Oates/J.R.Aker and J.G.Seary"