Historical information

Geelong West Cycling Club have run track cycling competitions since its inception. This shield represents the importance to the club of track cycling winners.


Provides history of track cycling winners at the Geelong West Cycling track and Velodrome between 1967 to 1884

Physical description

Wooden shield with nickel plated small shields attached to the wood. The shield represents the G.A.C.C. Senior Track Aggregate winners for the years 1966-1984. The top of the shield bears a banner in nickel with the name W. Pat Shaw 1967 and the middle of the shield contains another plaque with the words G.A.C.C. Senior Track Aggregate engraved in the plaque.

Inscriptions & markings

"W. Pat Shaw/1967/John Olsen 1966-67/Peter Wood 1967-1968/Brian Carnegy 1968-69/ Brian Carnegy 1969-1970/Rodney Perkins 1970-1971/ Stewart Hocking 1971-1972/John Hine 1972-1973/John Hine 1973-1974/Murray Heyers 1974-1975/ Peter McCaulay 1975-1976/Max Neagle 1976-1977/Noel White 1977-1978/Brett Shelly 1978-1979/John Hine 1979-1980/Doug Libbis 1980-1981/Paul Robertson 1981-1982/Paul Baulch 1982-1983/Wayne Drayton 1983-1984