Historical information

Belonged to the donors grest grest aunties ( there were four who lived together in Brighton, Sutherlands). One of them accompanied Melba on Cello. The program has since been passed down through the family.

Physical description

.1 Grey booklet with circle cut out of the centre of the frontcover, an image of Melba printed on the first page is placed underneath the circle. The first page and last page contain advertising, the main pages detail the operas Melba performs in.
.2 Cut out newspaper article placed between first two pages entitled 'Melba Leads Off'

Inscriptions & markings

.1 Printed in Navy blue ink front page 'STORIES / OF THE OPERAS/ MELBA/ OPERA SEASON/ PRICE, SIXPENCE'
.2 Inscribed u.r. corner in pencil, then blue ink over the top: 'april / 1927'