Historical information

From around circa 1850 Braybrook was already well established and became a staging point for prospectors on their way to the diggings. Local government for this rural area to the west of Melbourne came when the BRAYBROOK ROAD DISTRICT was proclaimed on 28 May 1860. This authority was superseded on 23 January 1871 with the formation of the SHIRE OF BRAYBROOK. The Shire of Braybrook existed for about 80 years during which time it experienced significant industrial growth. The Shire of Braybrook ceased to exist in 1951 when the CITY OF SUNSHINE was formed.


The Coat of Arms informs the observer that the Shire of Braybrook was initially a rural area with its images of a cow, sheep, and hay. The reference to industry however probably does not indicate adequately the large growth in industrial activity that occurred within the Shire.

Physical description

Circular board of Masonite painted by A. H. Walker which is a true depiction of the Coat of Arms for the Shire of Braybrook. It is mainly blue, yellow and red coloured with black writing, and has images of a cow, sheep, and hay, and also indicates a reference to industry.

Inscriptions & markings

Shire of Braybrook Victoria / Dieu Et Mon Droit / By Industry / A. H. Walker