Historical information

The steel mesh and crossbar sides of the new H.V.McKay footbridge are designed to replicate the appearance of the old crossbar gates which were at the old H.V.McKay works. The new bridge contains 111 of these plates attached to the centre of all crossbar sections which enclose both sides of the walkway of the bridge.


The plate is a donated spare which was left over from the original manufactured plates that were attached to the new H.V.McKay footbridge. The plate is in our possession for safe keeping and for future reference.

Physical description

Stainless steel oval shaped plate with four holes for mounting to mesh sides of the walkway on the bridge. The plate has engraved lettering and lines intended to replicate a Sunshine Crossbar gate.

Inscriptions & markings

H.V.McKAY SUNSHINE (The small c is underlined which can't be replicated on this data base)