Historical information

Images collected by donor for Williamstown High School archives and scanned by Lindy Wallace for Botanic Gardens archive


The images demonstrate the social value of the Gardens to the local community and how they used as a place for meeting, playing and celebrating with friends and family.
Image 2014.007a is evidence of presence of cannons in the Gardens during the 1950s

Physical description

Black and white image of cannon with five children playing on and around it - two children sitting on the barrel, two on the carriage and one at the front of the cannon. Except for the girl at the front of the barrel who is wearing a dress, the children are all wearing shorts
The cannon is on a hard pad with the wheels of the carriage facing to the side.
Names from left to right starting at top: Robyn McComish, Tom Webb (brother of donor), Iris Webb (donor), Pam McComish, unknown.