Historical information

Made by Adolphina Noll in 1934 in Wilmington, South Australia as a wedding gift for Mr Joe and Mrs Ida (aka 'Ike') Fulwood. Mrs Noll was Ike's maternal grandmother and was 69 when she made the quilt. (It was used on a bed in a plain heavy woven calico cover which was secured with safety pins. The cover is not in existence.) It was given to Lois Densham in Adeleide from Ike, who was a close friend of Lois' sister, Doreen Saunders.

Physical description

Double bed sized quilt cover insert made from several items of clothing: men's frock coat (possibly from the 1900's), another men's coat (date unknown), a woman's coat with a fur trim on the pockets (possibly from the 1930's) and a woman's dress or skirt (circa 1920-30's). The clothing pieces have been arranged in an apparent haphazard way to create a shape with straight edges and corners to fit neatly into a cover onto a bed. Lining materials are apparent on the back of the woman's skirt/dress pieces which may also show that this item of clothing was either taken apart or never finished. Orange cotton lining material is also evident on some pieces of the men's coat.