Historical information

Matchbook is a give-away / souvenir for Golden Fleece Petrol and Service Stations. The Golden Fleece Petroleum Company was established by H.C. Sleigh in 1913 importing petroleum from California, and was acquired by Caltex in 1981. The Golden Fleece ram trademark was created in 1951 when Golden Fleece petroleum became a single-brand service. The Golden Fleece ram was based on an actual prize winning merino ram named 'David of Dalkeith' from Boonoke Stud, run by the Falkiner family. Single brand service stations did not appear until the 1950s, and distinctive trademarks and logos were used to differentiate and promote the brands. Golden Fleece is also known to have produced other giveaways / souvenirs (such as games, swap cards, calendars, badges, roadmaps etc) to advertise its brand.

Physical description

Matchbook, containing twenty white-tipped, wooden matches. The matchbook has a fold-over, card cover. The front of the matchbook is blue and is printed with the image of a ram in yellow. Below this is the rough area to strike the matches. The back of the matchbook is yellow and is printed with text in red.

Inscriptions & markings

GOLDEN FLEECE S. & A. Stolzenburg / P/L. / BLACKWELL SERVICE / STATION / Cnr. / Blackburn & Wellington / Roads / CLAYTON 3168 / PHONE 543-1863 GOLDEN FLEECE / MADE IN AUSTRALIA BY / HANNA MATCH . CONTENTS 20 / For Match Supplies Bladon & Puckridge / Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane.