Historical information

Photos depict the staff members of Denny Lascelles Ltd. who were on active service in World War II (a '+' denotes those who were killed in action). Those depicted are: Sgt. J.A. GANLY, 159 AUST. L.A.A. BTY., A.I.F., +Driver R.H.B. COLLETT, C.A.M.T.C., A.I.F., L.S.A. E.R. McKINNON, R.A.N.R., S/Sgt. K.O. DAVIS, 2/2 A.A. REGT., A.I.F., F/O W.E.S. HOLTHAM, 7 SQUADRON, R.A.A.F., Tpr. J. Mc. K. MOODIE, 2/1 AUST. ARMD. RECCE. SQN., A.I.F., W.O.I. G.R. MATHISON, H.Q. 1 AUST. CORPS, A.I.F., Cpl. K.J. DOODRELL, 3 WATER TRANSPORT GP., A.I.F., W/O J.R.M. McWILLIAM, 463 SQUADRON, R.A.A.F., A/B R.A. HOBSON, R.A.N.R., W.O.II A.J. WILKS, 4 AUST. RECOVERY SECT., A.I.F., F/O D.N. McKENZIE (R.A.A.F.), 34 SQUADRON, R.A.F., +Cpl. A. BEATTIE, 2/21 BTN., A.I.F., Pte. A.R. YOULDEN, 4 AUST. INF. BDE., A.I.F., Cpl. A.J.E. GOSBELL, H.Q. 2 AUST. ARMD. BDE., A.I.F., Sgt. J. DENTON, 2 CON. DEPOT, A.I.F., Sgt. D. CLERY, B.C.A.F. H.Q., R.A.A.F., Lieut. D.C.P. URQUHART, 2/23 BTN., A.I.F., S/Sgt. R.C. SEARGEANT, 2 FIELD TRAINING REG., C.M.F., L/Cpl. K.P. LANYON, INF. TRG. BTN., A.I.F., Sgt. A.J. TONKIN, N.T. PRESS UNIT, A.I.F., A/B D.M. CHALMERS, R.A.N.R. ["H.M.A.S. LONSDALE" on hat], Lieut. L.H. BATTEN, 2/2 AUST. A.A. REGT., A.I.F., F/Sgt. B.J. McINTYRE, H.Q. WESTERN AREA, R.A.A.F., Sapper P.R. PIPER, 41 LANDING CRAFT COY., A.I.F., LAC. E.A. STEVENS, 2 R.I.M.U., R.A.A.F., +F/Lieut. J.S. AUSTIN, D.F.C., 490 SQUADRON, R.A.A.F., Sgt. T.E. DENDLE, 13 SURVEY & DESIGN, R.A.A.F., F/Sgt. J.C. BONE, 4 AIR OBSERVERS SCHOOL, R.A.A.F., Cpl. R.H. REEVES, 4 AUST. INF. REIN. BTN., A.I.F., Sgt. N.J. COUPER, A.A.P.C., A.I.F., +F/Lieut. J.D.R.B. CARRUTHERS, (R.A.A.F.), 18 SQUADRON, R.A.F., LAC. J.R. NEWLAND, 481 MAINTENANCE SQDN., R.A.A.F., Lieut. R.G. CRITTEN, 2/6 AUST. INF. BTN., A.I.F., F/O. D.J. ASTBURY, 83 SQUADRON, R.A.A.F., F/Sgt. J.J. ROBINSON, 21 SQUADRON, R.A.A.F., Gnr. G.G. STANBROOK, 2/3 FLASH SPOTTING BTY., A.I.F., Cpl. P.B. WILKINSON, 67 AUST. MOB. SEARCHLIGHT BTY., A.I.F., +P/O D.V. HIGGINS, 73 SQUADRON, R.A.A.F., Lieut.-Col. W.R. DEXTER, D.S.O., 2/6 AUST. INF. BTN., A.I.F., C.O. 61 AUST. INF. BTN., A.M.F., F/Sgt. E.T. ORCHARD, 1 OP. TRAINING UNIT (CANADA), R.A.A.F., +L/Sgt. H.T. LEWIS, 2/21 BTN., A.I.F., LAC. D.N. PESCOTT, 21 WIRELESS TEL. UNIT, R.A.A.F., Bdr. L.G. COMMONS, 2/14 AUST. FIELD REGT., A.I.F., Sig. C.K. MORRIS, "B" AUST. CORPS SIGS., A.I.F., F/Lieut. P.N.M. FISHER, 30 SQUADRON, R.A.A.F. The photographs have been taken by several different photographers, namely: The Lockwood Studios, Geelong (Lewis & Austin), Boxmount, Nhill (Morris & Moodie), Robert Pockley, Geelong (Ganly, Collett, Mathison, Wilks, Seargeant, Tonkin, Dendle, Reeves, Wilkinson, Orchard, Pescott, Critten), and Watt Telfer, Geelong (Higgins).

Physical description

Photograph, "Members of the Staff of Dennys Lascelles Limited who served in the Armed Forces of Australia during the War - 1939-1945". Contains 46 portraits. Photograph, "Members of the Staff of Dennys Lascelles Limited who served in the Armed Forces of Australia during the War - 1939-1945". Contains 46 portraits.