Historical information

Part of the Zakrzewski Collection of spinning wheels donated to the National Wool Museum by Mr Wlodzimierz Zakrzewski. For many years, Mr Zakrzewski collected, researched and repaired spinning wheels from all over the world. This wheel is known as a Carrington wheel. It was designed and built by Mr Zakrzewski who made 400 similar wheels of three different designs over a 30 year period. The design was named for his wife, Sonya Carrington who was a Polish artist and teacher who became a well known tapestry weaver. She married Mr Zakrzewski in 1956 and continued to exhibit under her own name. As it was difficult in the 1950s to obtain tapestry wools she decided to spin and dye her own. She didn't have a spinning wheel, so Mr Zakrzewski, whose training was in engineering, offered to make her one. They became very popular and he continued to make and sell them.

Physical description

Part of the Zakrzewski Spinning Wheel collection.