Historical information

The card for the Civic Reception at Williamstown Town Hall for the ‘Back to Williamstown’ celebrations – the centenary from date of first settlement in 1834. It belonged to James and Kate Tyrrell, the paternal grandparents of the Donor. The donor is the third generation of her family to live in Williamstown.


Having a photo of the Gardens in the reception card is evidence of the community pride of the Gardens. The photo is evidence of plantings in 1934

Physical description

A folded sepia look card. The front has an embossed border, the City of Williamstown Shield, date in the right bottom corner and an inscription as described. The left fold inside demonstrates the reverse of the embossed border and details of the City of Williamstown and Councillors. The right side fold inside is a photo of people walking along ‘The Main Walk, Williamstown Gardens’. The back has space for ‘Autographs.’