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Annual Report - 24th Report of the Committee of the Adult Deaf and Dumb Mission of Victoria 1908

From the Collection of Expression Australia Level 4 340 Albert Street East Melbourne VIC

Green Cover, Size 21.5Hx13.5W, 60 pages
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reginald talbot, samuel gillott, john m. griffiths, harold kent, h. sumner martin, rev. h. w. h. adeney, rev j. j. halley, rev e. h. sugden, w. a. dickens, f. e. frewin, s. mauger, m. l. miller, j. e. muir, a. c. muir, e. r. peacock, f. j. rose, f. tudor, ernest j. d. abraham, mrs e. j. d. abraham, miss i. foster, miss a. foster, mrs f. e. frewin, mrs h. sumner martin, mrs j. e. muir, mrs r. r. paterson, mrs w. a. paterson, mrs a. wilson. mrs samuel luke, alex williamson, s. moss, m. g. b mortimer, captain olden, rev. h. kelly, edward newbigin, compulsory education, j. charles, a graham
Historical information
The Adult Deaf and Dumb Mission of Victoria, now known as Vicdeaf, (the Victorian Deaf Society), was founded in 1884 as the Victorian Society for Promoting the Spiritual and Temporal Welfare of the Adult Deaf and Dumb. The provisional committee being Mr W Bates, Mr J M Bruce, Mr J D Gowan, Mr Edwin Newbiggin, Mr C M Officer, M. L, A., and the Rev. W. Moss.
The Adult Deaf and Dumb Mission's objects were:
1. To provide the means for religious worship and instruction for the adult deaf and dumb of Victoria
2. To visit the deaf and dumb in their homes, especially when sick or in distress
3. To assist the deaf and dumb of good character in obtaining suitable employment
4. To provide technical and other education for the adult and dumb
5. To give pecuniary assistance to adult deaf and dumb who are in need
The Annual Reports of the Adult Deaf and Dumb Mission are historically significant providing insight into the history of the evolving Deaf Community in Victoria. They are a annual 'snapshot' of the year with references not only to the progress of the Mission but also to the significant people and events within the Deaf Community.
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