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Newsletter - The Deaf Citizen 1931

From the Collection of Expression Australia Level 4 340 Albert Street East Melbourne VIC

No. 1, First Quarter 1931; Size 24.5cmHx18.5cmW; 16 pages
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australian congress of deaf mutes, ernest j. d. abraham, thomas bent, mr rose, education act of 1910, adult deaf and dumb society, e. r. peacock, r. j. oehr, edward newbigin, h. sumner martin, w. h. adeney, j. j. halley, john griffiths, hannah martin, mrs luke, matt miller, j. e. muir, r. j. oehr, l. a. cleveland, norman armstrong, hugh grant rowell, f. g. barnes, g. studdert kennedy, victorian deaf and dumb institution, w. j. mccaskill, john adcock, f. w. g. gilby, lieut. colonel olden
Historical information
Newsletter of the Adult Deaf and Dumb Society of Victoria
The Deaf Citizen Newsletter (Organ of the Adult Deaf and Dumb Society of Victoria) is significant publication as an historical record giving and insight into the people, activities and events of the Deaf Community in Victoria.
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