Historical information

Corporal Hugh Terence O'Reilly VX108560 was born in Temora, NSW on 25 September 1916. He later lived in Hampshire Road, Sunshine, Victoria, and enlisted at Sunshine with the Australian Army on 29 July 1942. He served in New Guinea, and at the time of discharge on 8 November 1945 was posted with the 22 Australian Infantry Battalion. Additional service number recorded is V37790.
In civilian life Hugh Terence O'Reilly was employed in the manufacture of fibrous plaster boards.


The significance is that the Shire of Braybrook, and perhaps other councils, recognised their citizens who served in the Australian Armed Forces during World War 2, by presenting them with Certificates in appreciation of their military service.

Physical description

Yellowish background. Grey scale diagrammatic image of warships, tank, and aeroplanes at the top. Vertical posts with swords and wreaths along the sides. At the bottom a diagrammatic image containing in colour the Union Jack and the Australian flag, the Shire of Braybrook Coat of Arms, the Australian Commonwealth Military Forces insignia, and a red coloured circular seal.

Inscriptions & markings

Presented to Hugh T. O'Reilly.
The President, Councillors and Ratepayers of the Shire of Braybrook desire you to accept this Certificate in appreciation of your services with the Australian Armed Forces, and extend to you the grateful thanks of this Municipality for your noble effort for King and Country.
Given under the Seal of President, Councillors and Ratepayers of the Shire of Braybrook, this second day of August, 1946.
J. R. Parsons - President, 'illegible' - Shire Secretary