Historical information

In December 1954 the Parents Association was formed and met at the Sunshine State School. In February 1955 classes commenced with First and Second Form students accommodated in several local Halls. In May 1955 the students transferred to the new building. Over the years many children with overseas background attended the school. The school ceased to exist in its own right in 1991, and amalgamated with five other local secondary schools to form the multi campus Sunshine College in 1992. The former Sunshine High School buildings on Ballarat Road are now part of the Sunshine Campus of Victoria University.

The book contains photographs and written articles from the school years as well as photographs of those attending the 1991 reunion. The history of the school is covered in this book under the headings: (1) Beginnings, (2) The Sixties, (3) The Seventies, (4) The Final Years, and (5) Vale. The major historical feature of this book is however the 17 pages of Staff and Student names, and the years they were at the school.


This book is of historic and research significance. As well as providing some of the history of the school, the book has a comprehensive list of the staff and students that were at the school. Researchers will be able to determine the numbers of students commencing each year, the ethnic backgrounds of staff and students, and especially in the early years determine the spelling of the Surnames and Christian names of many students with overseas backgrounds. In the 1950's some Primary School teachers had the habit of changing students European Christian names to the English versions, and so the new names may have carried on to High School enrolment. For example some students named Ryszard were enrolled as Richard. Many students however were enrolled with correct ethnic spelling of their names. Although the list of students names appears to be comprehensive until about 1985, it appears to fail after that. It is known that some students names are missing in the final years.

Physical description

Front cover has a maroon coloured background with a pair of diagrammatic light blue hands reaching towards an orange and yellow source of light. The words SEEK LIGHT and SUNSHINE HIGH SCHOOL 1955-1991 are also on the front cover. The rear cover is plain white coloured. The book contains 68 pages plus the covers.

Inscriptions & markings

Inside the front cover is an acknowledgement by John Scott to the work of the 1991 Reunion Committee for the production of the book, with eight people and their roles specifically named. The secondary title of the book as written inside on page 1 appears to be "Sunshine High Reflections 1954 - 91"