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Photograph - 'Mornington' - Jolimont Square, East Melbourne

From the Collection of Expression Australia Level 4 340 Albert Street East Melbourne VIC

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mornington, jolimont square, highgate, bedggood, h.e.a.r. service, reynolds, abraham
Historical information
'Mornington' is a two storey residence with basement, built in bi-chromatic brickwork and erected in 1869. Following the purchase by the Society of Jolimont Square this building was tenanted until early 1935, when Mr. and Mrs. Abraham moved in from Blackburn. Following Abraham's death in early 1940 the building was rented out again. In 1947 the then Welfare Superintendent and Missioner (Mr. Ernest A. Reynolds) and Mrs. Reynolds, established a Young Mens Hostel using "Mornington" and the adjoining house "Highgate". This Hostel operated until "Horace Bedggood Hostel" was opened in 1959. Mornington, later known as the 'Red Brick Building' or 'H.E.A.R. Service Building' was used in later years for the Society's H.E.A.R. Service.
Jolimont Square is significant as part of an early sub-division in Melbourne. The building is an early example of well resolved bi-chromatic brickwork, and has unusual curved bays for the ground floor windows.
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