Historical information

Jean Brown (Nee Vincent) joined because her husband -Les Brown(dec)- was a volunteer. They had 4 children - Stephen, Christine(Myrtle), Peter, Mark, (Stephen, Peter, Mark were juniors & seniors).
Jean joined the ladies auxiliary in 1955 - 1/06/1975 and 1985 - current. Has been a member for over 20years and is a life member.
As an auxiliary member was involved in Street stalls, presentation nights, social nights, RCH appeals. ...
Was also a member of the west end mothers club and helped at the technical school.

2. Peter Brown - was in juniors 1971 - 1976, (in 1972 at Chelsea the team of R. Clarke, P.Brown, R.Wood and G.Canny won 4man)
was in seniors 1984 - 1991

.3 Stephen Brown - juniors 1966, Seniors 1972-1985, 1987-1991 (approx. dates)

.4 Mark Brown - Juniors 1981-1986, Seniors 1987-1992
competed in 3 state demonstrations whilst in seniors