Historical information

This certificate was awarded to Violet Murrell for a race sponsored by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria in 1929. Violet Murrell (formerly Violet Farmer) was one of the best female riders in Victoria, who won many events for dressage, show jumping and straight-out gallops at country meetings. She protested loudly that she was not allowed to ride at city tracks against the male jockeys despite beating them at country meetings. When she married Bill Murrell, a well-known jockey, they came to live in Mentone. Violet Murrell died in a tragic fire at her home in 1934 while trying to save her favorite horse, Garryowen, and her husband, who had tried to help her, died a few days later.

Physical description

Horse race award certificate awarded to Violet Murrell, riding Garryowen. Light brown in colour, with "First Prize" printed prominently across centre in blue. Dull gold decorative bands at top, bottom and left. Printed gold shield in centre of left band and small printed ornament with crown in centre of top bar.

Inscriptions & markings

Printed (from top down): "The Royal Agricultural Society/of Victoria.", "First Prize.", followed by blank lines to be filled in: "Awarded to", "Exhibit", "Class", "No."
Printed signature at bottom: "Henry Schwieg[ler?]/Secretary"
Printed in shield on left: "GRAND/Annual/Exhibition/1929"
Handwritten in black ink, to fill in blank lines: "Mrs. W. Murrell's "Garryowen" "[Awarded to], "Lady's Hack/15.3 or under" [Exhibit], "82" [Class] , "357" [No.]