Historical information

The Progressive Political League was formed in 1891 after the 1890 Maritime Workers Strike; it subsequently became the Australian Labor Party. The PPL is also contemporaneous with the defeat of the Shearer's Strike (1891). Its platform included "electoral reform, reform of the labour laws, social reform and supported Federation on a ‘democratic basis’." (Anarchist Age 2008). More information about the formation of the Progressive Political League in Victoria can be found at http://anarchistmedia.org/pdf/701-800/AAWR-07768.html

More information about the history of the PPL and its political fortunes can be found in Paul Strangio's book, "Neither Power Nor Glory". PPL enjoyed some political success in Victoria around this time, but it was unsustainable due to the loose political allegiances of some of the candidates. (Strangio 2012).


Committee reports are part of the history of the PPL and the ALP's early attempts to gain parliamentary representation. Reports held are from the Ballarat West Branch.

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