Historical information

The changing role of trade unions: past struggles and future directions /​ Bob Hawke
Industrial Labor and political Labor: the experience of 1972-1975 /​ Clyde Cameron
The union connection: trade union affiliation with the Australian Labor Party /​ Don Rawson
Australian unions and socialist strategies /​ Bruce Hartnett
Conciliation and arbitration: is there an alternative? /​ Andrew Cunningham
Wage indexation: an ACTU perspective /​ Jan Marsh
Trade unions, collective action and incomes policy /​ Barry Hughes
Structural economic change: the options for the Labor movement /​ Chris Hurford
Technological change and the trade unions /​ Bill Mansfield
Justice, the Palestinians and the prospects for peace in the Middle East /​ Andrew Mack


Commentary about the labour and trade union movement in Australia.

Physical description

Paper; book.