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The power struggle : the rise of John Grey Gorton

From the Collection of Unions Ballarat 24 Camp Street Ballarat Victoria

Paper; book.

Front cover: brown and white background; black and white photograph of John Gorton; white lettering.
22 cm; 203 pages
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btlc, ballarat trades hall, ballarat trades and labour council, mcmahon, william, gorton, john, holt, harold, liberal party australia, government, history, politics, parliament, political culture, leadership, prime minister, senate
Historical information
The book is an exposition of issues around leadership of the Liberal Party following the disappearance of Harold Holt, with particular focus upon the embattled Gorton government. The leadership was successfully contested by William McMahon in 1971.
When Made
Made By
Reid, Alan (Maker)
Relevant to Australian political history and particularly to the Liberal Party Australia. Reid was a reporter for the Packer press.
Inscriptions & Markings
Front cover: author's name and title.
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