Historical information

In 1995, the Association for the Blind celebrated it's centenary with the release of a bronze coloured medallion that was available for purchase. On the front is a cameo of a woman wearing a pendant and an old fashioned ruffled blouse. Around the outside is written 'Tilly Aston' and '1873-1947' . On the reverse is brailled 'They're sowing the tiny seeds of action!' on the outer rim and in the middle is the figure '100' with a small spray of laurel each side. Beneath this are the words 'Association for the Blind Centenary 1995'. The medallion is inset to a blue velour box, with a white lining on the lid and a round circle in gold with 'Association for the Blind Centenary', '100' and '1895-1995'. A small yellow paper leaflet briefly describes the setting up of the Association for the Advancement of the Blind by Tilly Aston.

Physical description

Bronze coloured medallion with illustrations, in box with accompanying leaflet

Inscriptions & markings

Box - Association for the Blind centenary, 100, 1895-1995