Historical information

The photograph in the Kew collection is undated and only three of the personnel identified. Based on information provided by Geoffrey Stephens, it is now possible to identify those present. His photograph belonged to his father who is pictured. The annotations include:
Back Row L to R - E GOODYEAR (Farm), MATTHEW LYNCH (Junior Fireman), K DAVIS (Farm), C RICHARDS (Carpenter).
Middle Row L to R - H HAMPSON (Store), S PATTERSON (***), D BANKS (Head Porter), F TAYLOR (***), J CARROLL (Engineer Machinery), A MEYER (Bootmaker), G HUME (Farm Manager), S STEPHENS (Soap), MATTHEW LYNCH (Senior Gardener), B GRAY (Tailor), F GALE (Carpenter), R **** (Painter), H JEWELL (Tinsmith), * JERRAM (Painter), T TAYLOR (Tailor), L MORAN (Farm), I SEVIN (Carpenter), E GOODWIN (Fireman), F WHEELER (Blacksmith).
Front Row L to R - __ (Housekeeper MB), PUDDSPORT (Matron FB), J THOMPSON (Dispensary), Dr JOHNSON, Dr RYAN, Dr HOLLOW (Superintendent), G STUART (Secretary), W CHRISTIE (Chief Clerk), K PALMER (Clerk), K PALMER (Clerk), J BATHISCOMBE (Clerk), T FARRELL (Head Attendant MB), ? ELLIS (Head Attendant Children's Cottages), MOLLOY (Matron Children's Cottages), G AKERS (Upholsterer), G STEWART (Painter).
It should be noted that it is sometimes difficult to read the handwriting. The names above have been verified through magnification but should be validated through research.


A rare and historically significant photograph of the staff of the Kew Asylum in front of the main administration building. The photograph is one of a pair donated to the Kew Historical Society by Frances Dorothea Van Brummelen (1931-2011) in 1994. Following her graduation as a social worker, Fran Van Brummelen joined the staff of Kew Cottages in 1969, and became senior social worker there in 1971. She remained at the cottages until she retired in 1994. Earlier, In 1987, with psychiatrist Cliff Judge, she founded the Kew Cottages Historical Society becoming its president. In 2002, the pair collaborated on the book Kew Cottages: The World of Dolly Stainer, which was later commended in the Victorian Community History Awards. This photograph appears in the book.

Physical description

One of a pair of panoramic photographs donated by Fran Van Brummelen in 1994, and dating from c.1924. The photo is mounted on brown card and shows senior staff of the Kew Hospital for the Insane, posed in front of the main administration building.