Historical information

A history of the AMWU. The AWMU is an Australian trade union that was part of campaigns for the Eight Hour Day, maternity leave, superannuation, apprentice rights and family-friendly conditions.

1.The AMWU: Politics and Industrial Relations, 1852-2012 /​ Greg Patmore
2.The Hope of the World: The Amalgamation of ADSTE and the AMWU /​ Andrew Dettmer
3.One Big Metal Union? The Impact of Union Amalgamation in Western Australia /​ Bobbie Oliver
4.Off to the Mystery Picnic: Mobilising Young Engineers in Victoria, 1941-1961 /​ Keir Reeves
5.The Female Confectioners Union, 1916-1945 /​ Cathy Brigden
6.The Melbourne Typographical Society and the Melbourne Trades and Labour Council, 1874-76 /​ Andrew Reeves
7.Australia Reconstructed /​ Andrew Scott
8.Celebration of a Union: The Banners and Iconography of the AMWU /​ Andrew Reeves
pt. 2 AMWU People
9.The Struggle Continues: Laurie Carmichael Talks /​ Andrew Dettmer
10.Three Tassie Women and Their Union Experiences /​ Robyn McQueeney
11.`Red' Fred - Left in the Right Time and Place: A Political Analysis of Fred Thompson /​ Cora Trevarthen
12.Unity Commands Respect: Memories of EZ /​ Glenys Lindner
13.A Self-contained City: Metalworkers and the Midland Railway Workshops, 1904-1994 /​ Ric McCracken
14.The AMWU Queensland Coal Shop Stewards /​ Chris Harper.


Relevant to the history of trade unions and the labour movement, particularly the AWMU.

Physical description

Paper; book.

Front cover: sepia background - feint pictures; colour picture of union banner; red and black lettering.

Inscriptions & markings

Front cover: title and editors' names.