Historical information

Netta Fuller and her husband Alec were long-term residents of Kew. Netta's passion was for historic clothing and its exhibition. In 1985, Netta Fuller and Elizabeth Pace launched a parade of garments sponsored by Kew Historical Society at Holy Trinity Church, Kew. The parade was called 'Downunder Dressmakers' and included a collection of over fifty items of clothing dating from 1800 to 1984. The collection included dresses, hats, scarfs, capes, sporting costumes etc. In sourcing items for her collections, Netta Fuller collected costumes stored in old trunks and wardrobes, or even purchased from opportunity shops. Not satisfied with purchasing authentic costumes of the period, Netta also used these as models for artistic recreations.

Physical description

Two piece black silk evening dress, comprising sleeveless bodice and full-length skirt with inset panels on both pieces of guipure lace on tulle.