Historical information

The Queen Carnival was conducted by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Council under the patronage of the Loyal Orange Institution. Minnie Pouliot became the Queen of Victory in Sunshine, and later (2 October 1926) she was crowned Queen of Queens in the district coronation ceremony at Footscray, competing with Footscray, Yarraville, and Williamstown districts. Miss Pouliot was again crowned Queen of Queens at the final coronation (6 October 1926) which was held at the Temperance Hall in Melbourne. The other women in the photograph are: Misses E. Thompson and J. Milne (Maids of Honour), Misses Marie Pritchard and Joyce Dedrick (train-bearers), and the flower girl is Jean Percy.

Minnie Pouliot was born in 1900 and lived at 169 Morris St, Sunshine from 1910 until her passing in 1983. She married John Caithness on 16 April 1939, and had one son Max Caithness. Minnie Pouliot was an active member of the Sunshine Choral Society, and she also served on the Sunshine Hospital Auxiliary. Miss Pouliot was employed as Secretary at H. V. McKay until 1939, and she was also generally involved in community activities. Details sourced from the Trove web site indicate that she was involved in the Sunshine Tennis Club (1925), the Sunshine Flower Show (1925), as the Treasurer of the Playground Committee (1927), and as Secretary and exercise participant of the Sunshine Presbyterian Girls' Club (1937). Minnie Pouliot was the singer at a wedding (1938), and in 1925 Pouliot and Caithness are recorded as being members of the Loyal Sunshine Lodge.

The above details have been compiled from information on the Trove web site including the Sunshine Advocate of 9 October 1926, and also from information supplied by Mr Max Caithness.


This item is of historical significance because it indicates that an event such as the Queen Carnival used to be held 90 years ago, and It also reminds us that in the past membership of a Lodge was a normal part of the life of many citizens.

Physical description

Photographic image held within a glass faced brown wooden frame.

Inscriptions & markings

No. 230 SUNSHINE LODGES No. 90 / PRESENTED TO SISTER M. POULIOT By the Sunshine Queen Carnival Committee 30-9-26
J. W. Symons Hopkins St Footscray