Historical information

A documentary about the Australian Building Construction Commission which was a coercive regulatory body empowered to investigate and prosecute breaches of industrial relations laws. It was created to particularly target strong building unions. Penalties imposed by the ABCC were severe - for example, terms of imprisonment and individual fines of up to $28,500 for failure to comply with summonses, refusal to answer questions, and disclosure to others of anything that happened at ABCC's closed tribunal. ABCC was disbanded in 2012, but the Turnbull Coalition government has attempted to revive the organisation in 2016. The failure to obtain Senate approval triggered the double-dissolution of Federal parliament and subsequent election in July 2016.


Relevant to the history of unions and industrial relations in Australia. Also relates to government union relations.

Physical description

DVD Front cover: colour picture of a lawyer in court regalia and a howling dog; black and yellow lettering.

Inscriptions & markings

Front cover: title and maker's name.