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Blurb from the back: While the Indonesian army continues to dominate the indigenous inhabitants of West Papua, Hill-Smith records the fate of West Papuans trying to maintain village life against a backdrop of covert military violence. In the West Papuan highlands, Hill-Smith - an Australian writer, cartoonist and comedian - hears stories of escape, oppression and exile and listens to the defiant songs of murdered musician and independence hero Arnold Ap. Together with friends Donny Roem, a recent exile, and Jacob Rumbiak, a child soldier in the West Papuan resistance movement, Hill-Smith returns to Melbourne to record outlawed folk songs with renowned Australian rock musicologist David Bridie. An extraordinary story of an imaginative, adaptable culture confronting tyranny with the joyful power of art, music and self-expression.


Relevant to the history of West Papua and the Indonesian military presence and violence. Use of music to draw attention to the issues faced by West Papua.

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Front cover: Title, rating (M), picture of winged West Papuan Man with guitar, "Winner Best Doco SBS IF award 2010". Back cover: Precis of content, website for producer company, names of contributors, directors, editors, etc.