Historical information

Two people wait in a line to board to double-decker bus in Sydney, holding their white cane and feeling the side of the bus. A female in a white coat looks on from the side of the bus near the person about to board. A man (possibly Wally Urgacz) and a woman use their canes to alight from the bus, with the guidance of a woman in a white coat.

Physical description

4 B/W photographs of two people boarding a bus

Inscriptions & markings

1967 - Mobility - historical - Bus orientation
Bus orientation, locating doorways, safe ways of mounting steps, RBS V
NB: Inefficiency of short collapsible cane in descending bus steps. Women aged 67 with some peripheral vision. RBS IV
Learning bus orientation with long cane. Man aged 65 (light perception only) RBS VI
Mobility training for doorways and seating arrangement in bus. Annual report 1968
Royal Blind Society of New South Wales