Historical information

On Saturday 17 May 1947, an article on page 25 of the Australian Women’s Weekly reported on the formation of a new women's club: the East Kew Women’s Community Club. The article reads:
"Wives and mothers in a Melbourne suburb, East Kew, have formed the East Kew Women's Community Club. While babies and young children are under the supervision of a play leader, wives and mothers follow up their own interests. The club caters for varying tastes, has musical appreciation, drama, and "Keep Fit" classes. President Mrs. Grace Thake says that the club hopes soon to have tennis, debating, and discussion groups. The club originated from a debate, "Should women take an active part in social and civic affairs?" Two days later their interest in these matters was proved by the forming of the club, which took for its motto: "To help others, improve ourselves, and foster the community spirit." Membership is open to all women, regardless of age, politics, and religion, and aims to co-operate with all societies working for the improvement of health and cultural standards." The article relates particularly to the plaque in the collection of the Kew Historical Society.


The East Kew Women's Community Club, also called the East Kew Women's Community Club functioned from c. 1947 to the end of the 1960s (to be verified). The records of the Club were placed with Kew Historical Society to preserve them for posterity. The records and objects belonging to the East Kew Women's Community Club have significance socially for their capacity to illuminate women's associations in the post war period in Australia.

Physical description

Framed red and gold enamelled plaque belonging to the East Kew Women's Community Club.

Inscriptions & markings