Historical information

The East Kew Women’s Club was formed on 20 July 1945 as an experiment amongst local women, who felt that there was a need for some organised group to give full scope to their various interests and hobbies. In the beginning, they met at the house of their founder, Mrs Eric Thake, 48 Harp Road, East Kew, but the growth and interest was so rapid that it was soon necessary to find a larger meeting place, so the group moved to the Harrier’s Pavilion in Victoria Park, Kew. At the fifth meeting of the group, a committee was formed, and a constitution adopted on 4 December 1945.The Club was aimed to be non-political, non-sectarian and open to women from any locality. The Club’s motto was “To Help others, Improve Ourselves, and Foster the Community Spirit”. The first twenty years of the Club was recorded in a small, nine-page publication “East Kew Women’s Club : Twenty Years 20-7-1945 - 30-7-1965”.


Following the closure of the Club in 1973, after twenty-eight years, its records were deposited with the Kew Historical Society and are thus available for research into the history of women’s groups in the post war period in Australia. The Society holds the Club’s Minute Books of Meetings (1953-73), Attendance Registers (1959-73), Visitors Book, and sundry items of print ephemera published by the Club.

Physical description

Register which visitors signed when attending meetings of the East Kew Women's Club. The register contains names and addresses.