Historical information

A newspaper report the Financial Review (2 October 2001) recorded that: "Agents Jellis Craig sold the 2,583sq m East Kew Bowling Club on Windella Avenue for $1.55 million at an auction on the same day. Purchased by an offshore developer, the site is protected by an agreement which limits it to only six units or houses. The bowling club was one of 23 owned by the local Boroondara council, of which 10 have been closed down in the past 10 years. Some are used by community groups but several are derelict."


One of the few pieces of memorabilia in the collection deriving from the East Kew Bowling Club.

Physical description

East Kew Bowling Club membership medallion. The small circular gilded medallion includes the initials of the Club surrounded by a dark blue enamel belt design on which is written the full name of the Club.

Inscriptions & markings